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[Tweak] Airtel unlimited free browsing


An airtel sim
. Droid vpn method for android(airetl) .
1. Click here to download droid vpn
2. Open the app, register and input your username and password.
3. Now click on an icon on the top corner side of the screen.
4. Locate connection protocol, click and select TCP
5. return back and click on port settings, select TCP and put either 80 or 8080
6. Finally go to http headers and paste this  configuration there....Click here to get configurations files
 Now return back and select any server and connect and enjoy!!....Please enable 3g connection and remember to change your server if the speed is not fast enough.

[Image: IMG-20150917-WA0031.jpg]
[Image: IMG-20150917-WA0039.jpg]
[Image: IMG-20150917-WA0028.jpg]

B.Open Vpn method for android and  PC(Airtel).  
1. Android users should click here to download open vpn handler while pc users should click here to download Nmd vpn
2. Pc users should  just click here to download the configuration file, upload it to the nmd vpn and start browsing
3. Android users should open their handler app and put this configuration here
4. Next they should click here to download this configuration file, upload it and connect using this ;Usernamevpnbook; Password: s6EdUrak and enjoy unlimited free browsing!!
 I would be dropping links for it later

C. Troid vpn for android(airtel):
1. Click here to download troid vpn
2. no need to register just scroll down ans select any free server.
3. Rport 80 or 8080, Lport 0
4. Scroll down and select TCP
5.Now click on advance, copy and paste this file there and save
6. Click on connect and enjoy free browsing
Can't download d configuration file
please give post correct Link for us to be able to download
(09-22-2015, 09:49 PM)Yusbarix Wrote: please give post correct Link for us to be able to download

the error mesage i get when i try to download troid vpn & NMD vpn is "Sorry, there are no offers in your region at this time."
waht's the way out please.?
Is it still working?
This dude is just looking for a cheap means of making money otherwise why would he put all the links on a survey server
You are right

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