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[Tutorial] How to remove / take out the battery of an Infinix Zero X506 Android phone

(This post was last modified: 03-27-2016, 05:47 PM by hovatek. )

Tools needed

* Precision Screwdrivers / tools set
* Razor blade
* Adhesive / Gum when reassembling (Not Super glue or any permanent one)


Disassembling your phone automatically voids your warranty


* The phone is divided into three major layers; Back cover, Body and Screen. The back cover is fastened to the body by an adhesive. Cutting through this adhesive dislodges the back cover.
* Switch off the phone and take out the SIM + SIM plate before disassembling.


1. Turn the phone upside down (screen facing downwards) and using a razor blade, cut down the length of the groove on the right-hand side of the back cover

[Image: how-to-remove-infinix-zero-battery-1.jpg]

2. Do the same thing for the left-hand side

[Image: how-to-remove-infinix-zero-battery-2.jpg]

3. Using a flat tipped prying tool, gently lift the back cover from one end

[Image: how-to-remove-infinix-zero-battery-3.jpg]

4. Lift off the back cover (remove any adhesive still holding it down)

[Image: how-to-remove-infinix-zero-battery-4.jpg]

5. The phone should look something like this

[Image: how-to-remove-infinix-zero-battery-5.jpg]

6. Using a tiny screwdriver, take out all screws (there should be about 9 holes)

[Image: how-to-remove-infinix-zero-battery-6.jpg]

7. At the bottom of the phone (the end opposite where you have the USB and headset ports), take our the clip holding the body to the screen

[Image: how-to-remove-infinix-zero-battery-7.jpg]

8. Turn the phone (screen facing up). Using a flat tipped prying tool, gently separate the screen from the body

[Image: how-to-remove-infinix-zero-battery-8.jpg]

9. Using your finger nail or a prying tool, dislodge the screen from the body on all four corners the phone

[Image: how-to-remove-infinix-zero-battery-9.jpg]  

10. Lift off the screen and you should have something like this

[Image: how-to-remove-infinix-zero-battery-10.jpg]

11. Just above the battery, you'll find two silver clips, if you find then uncliped, put them firmly in place

[Image: how-to-remove-infinix-zero-battery-11.jpg]

12. Gently lift the battery from the bottom

[Image: how-to-remove-infinix-zero-battery-12.jpg]

13. Raise the battery (about 90 degrees to the phone) then lift it gently to disconnect it

[Image: how-to-remove-infinix-zero-battery-13.jpg]

14. Done! You should have something like this

[Image: how-to-remove-infinix-zero-battery-14.jpg]

15. To reassemble, simply retrace your steps with the help of the pictures and don't forget to fasten the back cover using an adhesive

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