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[Tweak] Manual Configuration For Tweakware To Avoid proxy authetication failed


Manual Configuration for Tweakware to Solve "Proxy Connection Error Failed.

This is a second method to manually configure it with Etisalat Social Packwithout using the preconfigured bundled settings in the simple method in page 1

1. Open the app and locate the Option button at the top right corner, then tap on it.

2. Select Settings, Click Reset Setting and go up to Network Settings.

3. Click the box beside “Connect Via HTTP Proxy” to enable proxy and configure as follows:
- Proxy Host: mobile.facebook.com

- Proxy Port: 8080

- Enable proxy Tweaks

- Click on Proxy Tweaks and Enable Reverse Proxy

- Go to Custom Headers and add: X-Online-Host: mobile.facebook.com (note that there is one space between the : and mobile just like it was in the wap.ferry.com which was the default)

- Go back to Server Settings and Change Port to 3128

1 Go to Network Settings and go down to Connection Settings and check the box beside “Enable Keepalive”.

FOR the “Keepalive Interval”, type in “5” and for the “Keepalive Timeout”, choose “5”.

4. Choose the country server instead of default server in the home page change it to “Netherland or Germany or Canada" and Click on CONNECTION.

5. After successful handshake and authentication, press the back button and it will connect automatically.

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Tested it many times,, buh not working
Is perfectly working, thanks.
(10-09-2015, 09:03 PM)Lordphonel Wrote: Tested it many times,,  buh not working

Is perfectly working.
Hmmm.. If is still working.. Pls post how u did it??
you need to re-sub

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