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No launcher is issue is one of the few causes of the so called black screen of death on android devices. Refer to https://journal.hovatek.com/how-to-fix-t...death-bsod


  • Phone to be fixed
  • GOOD USB cord
  • A Computer (windows)
  • Phone's device drivers
     Pda.net for mediatek phones
     Samsung kies for Samsung phones
     SciU2S for spreadtrum phones 
  • Apk Installer (download @ [ Please, Login to view this link]  )
  • You can use any launcher of your choice 
  • USB Debugging should be ON (pull down the notification bar on some phones you can access SETTINGS from here.. go-to developer options and turn on USB Debugging)

How to Fix No Launcher Issue on Android Devices

  1. Install the drivers for your phone (pda.net or samsung kies or spreatrum drivers depending on your phone type)
  2. Connect your phone to the PC (USB debugging must be ON already else it won't work)
  3. Open apk installer (see pic below)

  4. At the top corner if it doesn't recognise your phone automatically then click on DEVICES at the top right hand corner.
  5. If your phone doesn't still appear on the new window that opens, click on REFRESH
  6. Select your phone from the list (see pic below)

  7. Once your phone appears, click on TOOLS > Open APK file at the bottom left hand corner (see pic below)

  8. Locate your launcher's apk file and open it.
  9. Tick the checkbox beside the launcher you just selected. (see pic below)

  10. Finally click on Install at the bottom right hand corner
  11. Once installed successfully, click on launch


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