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[Tutorial] Permanent fix for Invalid / Lost IMEI in any mtk devides using Maui Meta 3G


Permanet fix for Invalid or Lost IMEI in
Gionee M2 using Maui Meta 3G
1. Download Maui Meta 3G , NVRAM file , CDC
Driver and Android Driver. And extract them using
Winrar software.
2. After that, install CDC drivers. Right click
on Android_Gadget_CDC_driver file and click
3. Now, install android drivers. You don't need
specific commands to do that. Install it like every
other software you do in computer.
4. Finally, install Maui Meta 3G tool and open it
from Desktop icon.
5. It will open. Here, click Options tab and click
on Connect Smart phone in META mode. After
that, click Reconnect button.
6. Now, turn off your phone and plug it into the
PC using USB cable, you will see battery charging
symbol. Power on your phone, it will be stuck at
boot image. Don't panic, it's normal.
7. Meanwhile, an another window will open in
computer like the below image. Close it.
8. From the drop-down list, choose, IMEI
9. Now, a window will open. Here click on
' Choose NVRAM database file '.
10. Choose, the BPLG..... file which you
downloaded earlier.
11. You will see the message, NVRAM database
file init successfully.
12. Write down both the IMEIs in SIM 1 and SIM 2
like the below image. I can't show you my IMEI
number. Anyone can misuse it.
13. Now, click Download to Flash .
14. Finally, click Upload to Flash.
15. Done, now click Disconnect button.
16. Remove the cable and turn on your phone.
Voila!!, your IMEI problem is solved now. And the
best thing, it's permanent.

No links for the mentioned downloads.

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