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[Tutorial] How to bypass Windows PC password

(This post was last modified: 07-08-2017, 09:59 PM by X3non. )

This guide will explain how to bypass or remove password security from a Windows PC without formatting or reinstalling windows.



How to bypass Windows PC password

  1. Download the windows password reset disk file
  2. Burn the ISO file to an empty CD or Flash drive using the guide at https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-1025.html
  3. Boot your PC using the CD or Flash drive
  4. Wait while the contents of the CD or Flash drive is been loaded up

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=1428]

  5. Once the loading is complete, you should get to the Welcome Screen
  6. Click NEXT on the welcome screen

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=1429]

  7. On the next screen, select your windows version and click NEXT

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=1430]

  8. On the next screen, select your account, tick the checkbox beside "password is empty" and finally click next

    [Image: attachment.php?aid=1431]

  9. Once successful then exit the PC login.. either by rebooting or manually clicking the EXIT button and allowing the PC to auto restart
  10. Remember to take out the CD before rebooting so the PC can actually boot to windows
  11. Your PC should boot without requesting for logon password

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(This post was last modified: 06-27-2017, 11:45 AM by X3non. )
Does this app support the latest windows 10?
(10-28-2016, 11:33 AM)lionspurs Wrote: Does this app support the latest windows 10?

yes it does (see the "NOTE" in the first post) BUT
it doesn't seem to work on all PCs mostly because of driver error

* you can try it and give us feedback

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