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[Tutorial] How to block / blacklist a URL, IP or Mac address on a SWIFT router

(This post was last modified: 08-23-2016, 12:52 PM by hovatek. )


* You can also whitelist a website (URL), IP or Mac address
* The rules of the whitelist take precedence over those of the blacklist
* This guide also applies to Smile and Spectranet Router hubs and MiFis


1. In your browser's address bar, visit http://homerouter.cpe , or then press Enter

[Image: How-to-block-blacklist-a-website-IP-or-M...uter-1.jpg]

2. Enter your credentials then click Login (if you've never changed them then

Default username: user
Default password: user

If the above credentials don't work then try

Default username: admin
Default password: admin

[Image: How-to-block-blacklist-a-website-IP-or-M...uter-2.jpg]

3. You should now be in your Home Router Dashboard

[Image: How-to-block-blacklist-a-website-IP-or-M...uter-3.jpg]

4. Click on Security at the top

[Image: How-to-block-blacklist-a-website-IP-or-M...uter-4.jpg]

5. Click on URL Filtering (to block a website)

[Image: How-to-block-blacklist-a-website-IP-or-M...uter-5.jpg]

6. Tick Blacklist or Whitelist (as the case may be) then click Add Item

[Image: How-to-block-blacklist-a-website-IP-or-M...uter-6.jpg]

7. Type the url of the website then click Submit

[Image: How-to-block-blacklist-a-website-IP-or-M...uter-7.jpg]

8. The website should now appear as blacklisted

[Image: How-to-block-blacklist-a-website-IP-or-M...uter-8.jpg]

9. Its the same procedure for IP and MAC addresses, the difference is what you select in step 5 above. For URL, URL Filtering. For MAC, MAC Filtering. For IP, IP Filtering
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thanks bro

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