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How to easily dump your Android's ROM

(This post was last modified: 12-29-2013, 03:07 PM by hovatek. )

1. Root your device
2.Install Terminal Emulator on your Android
3. Download ROMDUMP, extract the ROMDUMP file and paste it in the Download folder of your SD card
4a. Open a folder called data on your SD card and create another folder called local inside it
4b. Open the Terminal app you installed in step 2.
5. Type: su then press enter. It should give you no errors and go to another # on the next line. Rooting allows you type su which gives you permissions to do stuff in the system.
6. Type cp /sdcard/download/romdump /data/local (NOTE space between cp and romdump and /data)
7. Type /data/local/romdump then press enter This will run the dumping program. It will give output like:

Dumping kernel config... done.
Dumping boot partition... done.
Dumping recovery partition... done.
Dumping system partition... done.
Creating Checksums... done.
Cleaning up... done.
All done.

7. Disable USB debugging by going to Settings app, Applications, Development, and un-checking USB Debugging.
8. Plug in your device to your computer with the (most likely) micro-USB port somewhere on the device.
9. With USB debugging disabled, the device should now prompt you to enable USB storage when plugged in to your computer. Tap enable. Your computer should make the "new device sound" and a new storage device will show up just like a flash drive.
10. On your computer, go to the new storage icon the pops up on your desktop or in the Computer folder, etc. Make sure the romdump folder has the files in it and then copy it to your computer.
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